Youniverse by B-Dibe

January 29, 2019

Everything in the universe is a reflection of yourself, or at least that’s what B-Dibe tries to express to the world through his music. Brannon grew up listening to classic rock; the soundtrack to a revolutionary generation. However, he quickly transitioned to hip-hop during college and started producing beats shortly after. Hip-hop is B-Dibe’s drug of choice and you can tell in a moment who his influences are; do not be surprised to hear tones of J Dilla, Thes One, Pete Rock and other monolithic east coast hip hop icons when you listen to this album. B-Dibe manages to capture his adventerous spirit and blend it with the intense tones of the music from his youth. Then he puts a beat on it and you just cannot stop nodding your head. Chill, funky, soulful, lilting, and absolutely beautiful. we at LUSH are so proud to release B-Dibe’s freshman album: Youniverse. Buckle up, and be prepared to see the universe in a new light.

Released April 20, 2015 

Written & Produced by B-Dibe 
Executively Produced by Brent Smith, Albert Pranno, Jaimeson Webster, and Lance Jackson 
Album Artwork by Albert Pranno


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