Tunnel Vision by ˚Danky˚

January 29, 2019

Man, isn’t it ironic that a white girl from California is doing the UK bass scene a solid by merely existing. Lush homie Danky is absolutely killing the game right now with her bass vibes. We here at Lush love supporting the women in the game and, honestly, we’re blessed Danky wanted to release with us. Deep, dark, and incredibly soulful, Danky blends her UK invfluences with her own musical passions to breathe new life into the game. With a style that branches from UK dubstep, drum and bass, and everything inbetween, Danky is able to breathe new life into stale genres that only the most hardcore audiophiles still follow. We are all so happy to bring you Danky’s newest EP and we all hope you will love it as much as we do. Thank you Danky; the EDM world is a brighter place because of you. We here at LUSH hope you enjoy her first release: Tunnel Vision!
Released May 8, 2015


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