Times Like This-

January 29, 2019

We are beyond stoked that Fatir is officially a part of the Lush family. We first heard his music what seems like forever ago, and after an exclusive release and one of the hottest tracks on our most recent compilation, we knew he had to be cemented into the clan. Fatir’s music is the very essence of beat-making. He’s a master at cooking up beats with simple but on point melodies, nasty bass that lingers in your headphones, and finding the right balance of energy throughout any given track. Fatir provides classic beats with a future twist, and ‘Times Like This’ is the embodiment of that. Follow the links below for more music from Fatir and to stay up on his future releases!

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/fatirsupreme
Twitter: twitter.com/fatirsupreme


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Released December 22, 2016


Times Like This -Fatir

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