Midnight Waves (After Hours) by B.W.Ø

January 29, 2019

B.W.Ø has become an irreplaceable, invaluable staple of the Lush family. He brings a fresh take on electronic beats and provides groovy, atmospheric, energetic, and straight out of the future vibes on everything he touches. For his second official release with Lush Selects, we are stoked to present to you Midnight Waves (After Hours). This three-track EP is perfectly described by its name; a collection of songs to listen to when the sun goes down and the ambience of night sets in. With plenty chill, sultry, and tranquil vibes to go around, Midnight Waves (After Hours) is an EP we’ll have on repeat for a while.

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Released November 19, 2016


Midnight Waves (After Hours) by B.W.Ø

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